TripAdvisor Testimonies

"When we started the ride from the central area of ​​Petén, we headed on a journey of 83 miles away to Carmelita, the last community settled already more than a century northwest of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. We can observe the surrounding towns in travel and when we see the grasslands we approached the town full of history where we can not lose sight of the houses that are already part of the cultural heritage of the place, neighbors who have real stories from work activities such as extraction gum, xate and pepper, kind work that has been the livelihood of the locals for decades.

After meeting some of the idiosyncrasies of the community, we move to the incomparable adventure within the majestic virgin forest. Community guides with expertise in archeology and nature and experience in the travel, real stories tell us about the experience of community, as they have spent the whole life in the forest.

In the daily journey we can go listen to the song of colorful birds flitting in the dense jungle. The nights rest after all-day tour becomes necessary, and the silence and darkness the howling monkeys heard, perhaps they sense our human presence, but most believe it is the emotional welcome they give us and with great excitement that the next day we are sure you will discover new things. The stay in the camps at night and coexistence with community guides, cooks, porters and assistants, make one feel that is part of the culture of a unique place in the world where you get goose skin to hear legends and anecdotes that have occurred in those remote places and suitable for the mind and spirit.

After the long journey and surprised to have seen the monumental and unique archaeological site of El Mirador we approach the return of our unique journey, we all come quietly, perhaps by fatigue, but deep down we are extremely privileged to have known a place extraordinary and wondered inside if the possibility of returning back to this fascinating journey. Later arrive at Carmelita and hosting of community makes us feel that we are graced and that the trip was the best.

Carmelita thank you very much for inviting us to make this fascinating journey and for giving us and narrowed the heat from your hands and say we're very happy and satisfied with everything that we do not imagine that we would meet and know. Greetings and see you soon. "




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